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Does “Eligible to Graduate” = “Work Ready”?

Overheard in a meeting this past week, “There is a clear distinction between students who are eligible to graduate, and those who are qualified to practice”.  Whoa! Hold the phone! Did I hear that correctly? Okay, so after I peeled myself off the ceiling, got my heart rate back to normal, and thankfully, continued to … Continue reading

I’ve Fired PowerPoint from My Teaching. Yes Really! Find Out Why, How & What’s Happened So Far

  I was being consumed by slide creation, animation, and summarizing lessons into bullet points.  I was working with the text material for hours before each class.  Once the file was complete I was spending more time uploading it and converting it into multiple formats to make the slides readily available for the students.  It … Continue reading

Reforming Education Makes Brains Hurt

Sir Ken Robinson has eloquently explained to me why encouraging divergent thinking in post secondary marketing students is sometimes an incredible challenge. Their education experience has taught them to find the “right” answer. Then they hit my classroom … What are they supposed to do when there is no perfect solution? How do you learn … Continue reading

Twitter is Great 4 Learning – 5 ways To Teach to Twits

Kwantlen’s #kweetup brought together faculty and students to share ideas on how to make the most of Twitter in the classroom.  So many folks from that session have been asking questions over the weekend that I’ve been inspired to share some Twitter insights. Here are 5 ways to use Twitter for learning. When I first … Continue reading

Shining a Bright Light on “The Shadow Scholar”

via chronicle.com Sent to me by a colleague, who knows how I feel about cheating, this article got my blood boiling – http://chronicle.com/article/The-Shadow-Scholar/125329 It is the tale of professional paper writer. I wonder if I’ve seen any of his work? If I have – shame on me. Sure, we know that students cheat. Get any … Continue reading

Quantifying your Target Market – The Dragons Drive the Point

This week the intro marketing classes have been discussing target market selection.  As part of the marketing plans they are building, they must describe 3 potential target markets for their innovations and then explain which is going to be their primary target and why.  The descriptions are to include demographic, psychographic, geographic, and product related … Continue reading

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