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HVAC Engineers + Social Media = ? I can’t wait to see

I had the honour of meeting a most knowledgeable group of people yesterday.  I’ll readily admit that I have very little understanding of the world of HVAC Engineering.  I’m not sure what a “day in the life” of these professionals looks like, and I can’t fully appreciate the intricacies of their expertise, but I can … Continue reading

Adding a Twitter Block to Your Moodle Site

UPDATE: August 2, 2013! With changes to Twitter’s API come necessary changes to the steps to add a Twitter Block to Moodle.  What follows is the “new and improved” how to… To easily keep dynamic content on the Moodle sites for my courses I add a Twitter block.  Since it’s that time of year when … Continue reading

Student Blogging in Higher Ed Part Two – Professional Expectations

In the BBA in Marketing Management at Kwantlen we are working to develop practical professional online skills in our students.  I see two great reasons to support this effort with blogging. Business are blogging to build value added communities for their customers.  They need people with blogging experience to make this happen. Developing a personal … Continue reading

Student Blogging in Higher Ed, Part One – Getting Ready

Blogging is a great way to report and chronicle anything that is important to you. It seems only right then that blogging would have meaningful applications in higher education.  After all, university is an adventure and adventures make for great stories. During the summer term I introduced blogging to the my classroom in two different … Continue reading

The Now Revolution – Loved It! Sorry, You Can’t Borrow It.

via chapters.indigo.ca I read a lot. This book has hit the shelf of “never let anyone borrow it”. So sorry, you’ll have to get your own copy. Why am I so possessive? This book is exactly what so many businesses, and therefore so many business students, need to make social media work for them & … Continue reading

Twitter is Great 4 Learning – 5 ways To Teach to Twits

Kwantlen’s #kweetup brought together faculty and students to share ideas on how to make the most of Twitter in the classroom.  So many folks from that session have been asking questions over the weekend that I’ve been inspired to share some Twitter insights. Here are 5 ways to use Twitter for learning. When I first … Continue reading

Isn’t this how #MRKT3311 works? – We Hold These Tweets To Be Self-Evident [COMIC]

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