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What if textbooks were free?

No longer an undergraduate fantasy, free, open textbooks are a current reality and are set to become a regular part of postsecondary education in BC.  In October of 2012 the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology announced efforts to have open text books for 40 of BC’s most popular post-secondary courses. (Ministry of … Continue reading

Adding a Twitter Block to Your Moodle Site

UPDATE: August 2, 2013! With changes to Twitter’s API come necessary changes to the steps to add a Twitter Block to Moodle.  What follows is the “new and improved” how to… To easily keep dynamic content on the Moodle sites for my courses I add a Twitter block.  Since it’s that time of year when … Continue reading

Access Copyright – Our “Burning Platform” moment?

I appreciate that a difficult decision is before the leadership of many Canadian universities, including Kwantlen, with regards to the Access Copyright agreement.  I’ve reviewed positions of many dissenting voices including Kwantlen’s Student Association and Faculty Association, Michael Geist, (Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in … Continue reading

Convocation – A Great Day To Be a Teacher

You might think that after 10 years of teaching, attending convocation ceremonies would get, well, old.  It’s not true for me.  In fact, I might be getting even more sentimental with each passing year.  Yes, I still get a little uncomfortable dressing up like Professor McGonagall and heading out in public, but the pageantry of … Continue reading

Vote Now! – What is Marketing Information Management All About?

Within a few short days the first MRKT3240 Marketing Information Management course will wrap up. The e-portfolio assignment that concludes the course asked for reflections on learning from the term and demonstration of newly acquired expertise.  The best of these pieces will be showcased on the http://www.kwantlenmarketing.com site to represent the work of this term and demonstrate … Continue reading

Kwantlen’s Hiring Marketers!

With all I write about here, you know that I love my job.  If you are an enthusiastic marketing professional and you’d like to share your expertise with the next generation of marketers, this is your chance to see first hand what I’m raving about. The marketing faculty at Kwantlen is looking for professionals to … Continue reading

BBAMM Students At Their Best

I love my job.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Today I am reminded why this is so much fun.  These fantastic Marketing Management students dedicated their Saturday afternoon to being ambassadors for their degree.  They spent 3 hours at Kwantlen’s Open House meeting parents, new university students and soon to be … Continue reading

Twitter is Great 4 Learning – 5 ways To Teach to Twits

Kwantlen’s #kweetup brought together faculty and students to share ideas on how to make the most of Twitter in the classroom.  So many folks from that session have been asking questions over the weekend that I’ve been inspired to share some Twitter insights. Here are 5 ways to use Twitter for learning. When I first … Continue reading

Kwantlen Eagles – Being a Member of a Higher Ed Community has its perks!

via hancockwildlife.org On Friday, November 5 I had the pleasure of attending the first, of what I hope will be many, lecture series at the newly launched Aboriginal Gathering Place at Kwantlen’s Surrey campus. The guest speakers were David Hancock, who has dedicated a lifetime of research to “soar with” eagles, and Lekeyten Antone of … Continue reading

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