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What if textbooks were free?

No longer an undergraduate fantasy, free, open textbooks are a current reality and are set to become a regular part of postsecondary education in BC.  In October of 2012 the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology announced efforts to have open text books for 40 of BC’s most popular post-secondary courses. (Ministry of … Continue reading

Markup & Margin Math – A video tutorial

It’s that time of year again, the 1st year marketing classes I’m teaching are learning all about markup and margin math.  To help with the basics I’ve posted a video that demonstrates a really cool visual tool that keeps me from mixing up the formulas for markup and margin. The “MC Chocolate Bar”, (yes, it … Continue reading

Access Copyright – Our “Burning Platform” moment?

I appreciate that a difficult decision is before the leadership of many Canadian universities, including Kwantlen, with regards to the Access Copyright agreement.  I’ve reviewed positions of many dissenting voices including Kwantlen’s Student Association and Faculty Association, Michael Geist, (Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in … Continue reading

Speed Dating to Form Project Teams

We all know how important it is for people to be able to work with others and manage a team.  Business students most certainly need these skills and so the vast majority of the business courses I teach involve some aspect of group work.  Many of these teams are formed early in the term, sometimes … Continue reading

Student Blogging in Higher Ed Part Two – Professional Expectations

In the BBA in Marketing Management at Kwantlen we are working to develop practical professional online skills in our students.  I see two great reasons to support this effort with blogging. Business are blogging to build value added communities for their customers.  They need people with blogging experience to make this happen. Developing a personal … Continue reading

Student Blogging in Higher Ed, Part One – Getting Ready

Blogging is a great way to report and chronicle anything that is important to you. It seems only right then that blogging would have meaningful applications in higher education.  After all, university is an adventure and adventures make for great stories. During the summer term I introduced blogging to the my classroom in two different … Continue reading

A Failed Experiment? Class Workshop – Peer Paper Review

I have often thought it a shame that the work students produce for final projects, essays and reports is often never shared beyond the individual/group authors and their instructor. Why should great work be confined like this? Why shouldn’t students have a chance to see what their peers are writing? Why not give them an … Continue reading

Kwantlen’s Hiring Marketers!

With all I write about here, you know that I love my job.  If you are an enthusiastic marketing professional and you’d like to share your expertise with the next generation of marketers, this is your chance to see first hand what I’m raving about. The marketing faculty at Kwantlen is looking for professionals to … Continue reading

Does “Eligible to Graduate” = “Work Ready”?

Overheard in a meeting this past week, “There is a clear distinction between students who are eligible to graduate, and those who are qualified to practice”.  Whoa! Hold the phone! Did I hear that correctly? Okay, so after I peeled myself off the ceiling, got my heart rate back to normal, and thankfully, continued to … Continue reading

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