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What if textbooks were free?

No longer an undergraduate fantasy, free, open textbooks are a current reality and are set to become a regular part of postsecondary education in BC. ┬áIn October of 2012 the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology announced efforts to have open text books for 40 of BC’s most popular post-secondary courses. (Ministry of … Continue reading

Jason Fried: Meaningful work doesn’t happen at work (via Kwantlen Marketing Community)

I am currently being inspired by the work of Jason Fried of 37 Signals in his book “Rework“. The practical, get it done philosophy aligns well with the Seth Godin motto of “ship it”. ( check out Seth’s blog for one of my favourite Godin posts on shipping.) I’m glad to see fantastic resources and … Continue reading

The Now Revolution – Loved It! Sorry, You Can’t Borrow It.

via chapters.indigo.ca I read a lot. This book has hit the shelf of “never let anyone borrow it”. So sorry, you’ll have to get your own copy. Why am I so possessive? This book is exactly what so many businesses, and therefore so many business students, need to make social media work for them & … Continue reading

The Return of “Amandageddon”

  via forrester.typepad.com At the GetContagious BCAIM conference last week attendees were given a copy of Seth Godin’s “Linchpin: Are you Indispensable?”. I love free stuff. Best of all – this free stuff was a “gift”. Godin’s comments on the roles of teachers and education in our emerging economy have really struck a cord with … Continue reading

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